Interview with Forbidden Knowledge

    Strange and mysterious band is Forbidden Knowledge. Their music is not easy to listen due to their non linear structures / patterns of composition (guess they like Iannis Xenakis, ed). But this band wants to break the boundaries of the genre offering  a music among black metal, death metal and avant-garde.   Define […]

Interview with Korseld

  Swedish melodic death metal with doom attributes. Korseld feel confortable playing slow and heavy melodies accompanied with low gutural voices   Define Korseld  in one tweet (140 characters) Korseld is a mix of doom- and death metal with a melodic touch and Swedish lyrics on top of it. Not to complex and with a heavy […]

Interview with Neglektum

    Short, cold and direct as tradition dictates, these are Neglektum, no compromise, just fucking black metal…Azargoth takes the floor…   Define Neglektum  in one tweet (140 characters) Neglektum is a vengeful force of satanic art in its purest essence.    Whats is the current status of the band from a musical standpoint and […]

Interview with Sorrowseed

Delicate, melodic, theatrical are the signs of Sorrowseed, accompanied by the versatile voice of Lilith Astaroth, these bostonians, with several full lengths on their back, deserve a place on the shelf of doom metal lovers. These are their words   Define Sorrowseed  in one tweet (140 characters) Sorrowseed is Apocalyptic Doom Metal for the Masses […]

Interview with Vomitile

  From the small island of Cyprus, Vomitile has no additives, is this kind of death metal that is worth listening to although the pass of time.   Define Vomitile  in one tweet (140 characters) Simple, DEATH FUCKING METAL! And what do I mean by that? Intense straight forward Death Metal that shifts more towards […]

Interview with 71TONMAN

  71 ton of heavy, low, killing tunes with screaming voices from the beyond and atmospheric passages. This band will crush you    Define 71TONMAN  in one tweet (140 characters) 71TONMAN is 5 people spreading their ‘fat, low and slow’ plague all over the world.  Sludge is their business and business is doom!    Whats is […]

Interview with Aborym

  Aborym, one of the top extreme bands in the current scene, launched last year Dirty, a compendium of power electronics mixed with extreme metal.  A notable work of this veteran band. The upcoming April its gonna be 15 years ago since the tremendous “Kali Yuga Bizarre”, and on each album, Aborym has made a […]

Interview with Ramlord

  Ramlord is a trio that his main objective is to crush your bones and ears through a weighted crust death metal.   Define Ramlord  in one tweet (140 characters) The reeking stench of despondence and disillusionment in modern life, coupled with the collective spiritual decay of humanity expressed through sorrow, frustration and beauty.   Whats […]

Interview with Forlorn Path

  Forlorn Path is a melodic black death metal band from the States (NJ) that in 2013 released their first full length “Man’s Last Portrait” with acclaimed critics. Dave and Yuriy kindly answered our questionnaire.   Define Forlorn Path in one tweet (140 characters) Dave: Brooding, in your face blackened doom metal. I don’t have […]

Interview with Kostnitsa

  Kostnitsa is russian duo totally committed with darkness. Their doomy black metal full of angish and pain takes us into a journey of impenetrable darkness. This band is really worth listening.   Define Kostnitsa in one tweet (140 characters) Kostnitsa is alloy of Black and Doom Metal, in other words cross of scorn and […]