Siberia – A War Inside My Head review

  Siberia is a young band (2009) that punch us with his first LP. Technical, powerful and elaborated metalcore   Style: Metalcore   Better than its predecesor? The previous EP contains two songs of this album. (Not applicable)   Highs: The songs of the album are very well structured, consistent and without forgetting the melody It […]

Satyricon – Satyricon review

  Satyricon’s tour de force. A praiseworthy, subtle and personnal work that, even it becomes at the end more linear that one could expect, it will rank as the band’s best last works   Style: Soft Black Doom   Better than its predecesor? Yes, Satyricon musically breaks with The Age of Nero black ‘n roll style […]

Lux Divina – Possessed by Telluric Feelings review

  Lux Divina take a step forward on where the previous From the Tomb to Nature’s Blood left off. This Possessed by Telluric Feelings is an intense and cold breeze that runs every pore of your skin   Style: Pagan Black Metal   Better than its predecesor? Yes, even Lux Divina follow the same stylistical […]