GrowlThe low, guttural, menacing sound made by an animal. Also is a low-pitched, guttural singing style, usually used by the singers of the extreme metal.

And now, Growl is a newborn extreme metal magazine aimed to support the scene with a particular approach and vision.

We want to hear from you, so if you are a band, a record company, gig planner, an individual with high interest in extreme metal and writing please get in touch at:

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Evil Genius and Chief Editor.

He worships Elend and Necromantia. While he’s not writing at Growl he reads topics on Philosophy and Mathematics





Horror Cloner and Photographer.

Biotechnologist. He waits the arrival of the Primordials to get their DNA (or anything that could be cloned)





Wine enthusiast and Review Editor.

At the interval between the 3rd and 5th Gin Tonic his prose is awesome. Out of this range, dark matter



And of course many other contributors around the world that help us to make Growl bigger through their love to extreme metal music