Interview with Kostnitsa

 kostnitsa black metal

Kostnitsa is russian duo totally committed with darkness. Their doomy black metal full of angish and pain takes us into a journey of impenetrable darkness. This band is really worth listening.


Define Kostnitsa in one tweet (140 characters)

Kostnitsa is alloy of Black and Doom Metal, in other words cross of scorn and melancholy.


Whats is the current status of the band from a musical standpoint and why the audiene should give a chance to listening to Kostnitsa
Kostnitsa is a studio project of two people, so we don’t even speak about live shows. People should decide what to listen by themselves, if they are not a sheeps.


How important are the lyrics, tell us the lyrical concept behind the music
Lyrics does not contain any message for people. It is just my description of forms beggoten by the atmosphere of our music in a simple form.


What are the bands’ aspirations. Where would you like to be in the next couple of years

Our aspiration is to record album that will sounds just like we think it should.


Memento Mori: You can add whatever you consider opportune

Fuck off verbiage… you can listen and download our EP from bandcamp

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Kostnitsa Bandcamp

Kostnitsa Youtube

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