Interview with Neglektum

 neglektum black metal


Short, cold and direct as tradition dictates, these are Neglektum, no compromise, just fucking black metal…Azargoth takes the floor…


Define Neglektum  in one tweet (140 characters)

Neglektum is a vengeful force of satanic art in its purest essence. 


Whats is the current status of the band from a musical standpoint and why the audiene should give a chance to listening to Neglektum
We are about to release our debut album titled “Blasphemer”. Anyone who wants their inner flame to be set on fire should listen to us and give our latest opus a chance to enlighten their blasphemous minds.


How important are the lyrics, tell us the lyrical concept behind the music
They are essential, especially for the complete experience. The album is a concept in itself. It is about a blasphemer being murdered and the aftermath of his death.


What are the bands’ aspirations. Where would you like to be in the next couple of years

Hopefully writing more art from the depths of the abyss.


Memento Mori: You can add whatever you consider opportune
First of all a thank you for this opportunity. “Blasphemer” will be out on Feb 25th through Goathorned Productions. Make sure to pre-order a copy of it now and support the underground.


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