Interview with Sorrowseed

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Delicate, melodic, theatrical are the signs of Sorrowseed, accompanied by the versatile voice of Lilith Astaroth, these bostonians, with several full lengths on their back, deserve a place on the shelf of doom metal lovers. These are their words


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Sorrowseed is Apocalyptic Doom Metal for the Masses


Whats is the current status of the band from a musical standpoint and why the audiene should give a chance to listening to Sorrowseed
We have released two full-length albums, “The Extinction Prophecies”, and “Nemesis Engine”, and have played throughout the Northeastern region of the US.  Our music contains many different elements and influences ranging from death, black, progressive, melodic, doom, and others.  Our live shows are intensely energetic and often incorporate elements of BDSM for our and your entertainment.


How important are the lyrics, tell us the lyrical concept behind the music
Each album has had a different concept.  The lyrics therefore tell a complete story from start to finish – tales of death, destruction, and sorcery.  There is a large fantasy element present within our songs.  All of our lyrics can be found online simply by searching for them.  Our fans have called them “apocalyptic poetry”.


What are the bands’ aspirations. Where would you like to be in the next couple of years

We hope to tour Europe one day.  We are currently an unsigned band with no support from a label, but with hard work, we feel it is a goal that can be accomplished.


Memento Mori: You can add whatever you consider opportune
Delve deep into the dark world of Sorrowseed by using the links below.  We enjoy interaction from our fans.  Our albums can be found on iTunes, Amazon, and CDBaby.


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