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Karlahan is a symphonic death metal band from Barcelona. After a first EP called ‘A portrait of life’ we’re working on our next album ‘Exile’.
Whats is the current status of the band from a musical standpoint and why the audiene should give a chance to listening to Karlahan
We have been through a lot of changes since we released our first EP “A Portrait Of Life”. In that days we used to do more folk-influenced music. Since that, lots of changes in the formation and thinking of the band have happened. Now, both band and compositions are different. We keep the symphonic part as a big standard for the band but we’re doing a mix of progressive and melodic death metal, (specially influenced by finnish bands like Insomnium, Amorphis, Kalmah…). Anyway, we think that anyone who liked the music of A Portrait Of Life and our Demo “twilight” would like to hear also the new stuff. Our music may change a little bit, but the Karlahan spirit keeps beating on the compositions.
We encourage everybody who doesn’t want to close his mind into an style and wants to listen some fresh melodic death metal with experimental and folk elements!.
How important are the lyrics, tell us the lyrical concept behind the music
Lyrics are basically about emotions and our path in life as humans. Always in a positive point of view. Personal experiencies and demons are captured in the lyrics. The will to change yourself and to learn from errors in life. The way we interact with other humans, how we live and think in society and how that makes us what we are. By the moment, we haven’t done a conceptual album and that’s not a plan for the next release. But we don’t dismiss it for future releases.
What are the bands’ aspirations. Where would you like to be in the next couple of years
Our aspirations right now are to record our first full-lenght album “Exile”. We already have all songs composed and we’re working as hard as we can to bring the listeners this. We hope to find a deal with a label with the next album and play in several European countries where we have lots of fans. In about a month we’re releasing a single and our first videoclip, “Skyline”, to do ourselves some promotion and to offer something new to the listeners while we work with Exile. This song won’t be included in the next album. By the moment, we’re still doing and searching for gigs around Spain or anywhere else.


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For those who haven’t listened to Karlahan, we encourage them to download for free our EP “A Portrait Of Life”, and stay alert for the news in our facebook page for the release of our single “Skyline”.Many Thanks to Extreme Horde for the support and grant us this space!!.


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